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Insecticides MSDS

If you need to know more about the insecticide pest control products used during your service, Rentokil has Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on all the products we use to keep you, your business and your home free of pests. Click on the links below to view Rentokil's Material Safety Data Sheets:

Advion Ant Gel (PDF 58KB)
Advion CR Gel (PDF 53KB)
Aerothor Aerosol (PDF 194KB)
Agita 10 Fly Bait (PDF 106KB)
Agita 100 Plus Fly Paint-On (PDF 107KB)
Amdro Ant Bait (PDF 39KB)
Amdro CR Gel (PDF 46KB)
Ant Bait Hymenopthor (PDF 110KB)
Ant & Cockroach Bait Hymenopthor (PDF 176KB)
Antout (PDF 127KB)
Arilon (PDF 55KB)
Attrathor Targeted Insecticide (PDF 166KB)
Avert CR Gel (PDF 50KB)
Barmac Dust (PDF 28KB)
Biflex Aqua max 100 (PDF 331KB)
Biflex Ultra-lo-odour (PDF 37KB)
Biforce 100sc Termicide and Insecticide (PDF 121KB)
Bithor (PDF 121KB)
Blattathor CR Gel (PDF 94KB)
Brigade Granular Insecticide (PDF 41KB)
Chaindrite Crawling Insects (PDF 34KB)
Chaindrite Metered Aerosol (PDF 83KB)
Chaindrite 2 (PDF 576KB)
Chill Wasp (PDF 119KB)
Cislin 25 (PDF 37KB)
Cislin Ultra Fast Shot ( PDF 186KB)
Combat Ant-Rid Indoor Ant Liquid (PDF 200KB)
Coopex Dust (PDF 41KB)
David Gray Cricket Bait (PDF289K)
Deltathor (PDF 105KB)
Deltathor Plus (PDF 170KB)
Envirosafe Fly Attractant (PDF 31KB)
Exterm-An-Ant (PDF 64KB)
Ficam W (PDF 35KB)
Fly Trap Attractant - Rentokil (PDF 37.2KB)
Focus Termite Attractant (PDF 86KB)
Fruit Fly Lure (PDF 37KB)
Goliath CR Gel (PDF 38KB)
Imiforce 200SC (PDF 33KB)
Insectigas D (PDF 83KB)
Inskill Pyrethrin 5 Ltr (PDF 266KB)
Intice Ant Gel Bait (PDF 70KB)
Labyrinth Termite Bait (PDF 161KB)
Maldison 500 (PDF 118KB)
Maxforce CR Gel (PDF 31KB)
Maxforce Fusion (PDF 52KB)
Maxforce GB Granular Ant Bait (PDF 99 KB)
Maxforce Gold CR Gel (PDF 31KB)
Maxforce Granular Insect Bait (PDF 30KB)
Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait (PDF 37KB)
Maxforce Quantum Liquid And Bait (PDF 36.6KB)
Maxforce White Cockroach Gel 0717 (PDF 39KB)
Maxxthor 100 (PDF 159KB)
Mesurol Snail-Slug Bait (PDF 35KB)
Moth Lure (PDF 278KB)
Nemesis Bait (PDF 68KB)
Optiguard Ant Gel Bait (PDF 66KB)
Permethor Dust (PDF 198KB)
Perigen Defence Insecticide (PDF 36KB)
Pestigas (PDF 119KB)
Phantom (PDF 113KB)
Premise 200 SC Termiticide (PDF 37KB)
Premise Foam Insecticide (PDF 37KB)
PRID Glue Board (PDF 444KB)
Prothor 200 SC Termiticide (PDF 159KB)
Py Fog (PDF 43KB)
Py Spray (PDF 46KB)
PyGanic (PDF 78KB)
Pymatic Canister (PDF 127KB)
Pymist (PDF 155KB)
QuickBayt Fly Bait (PDF 26KB)
Rentokil Borer Insecticide (PDF 58KB)
Rentokil Chek-Pest Residual Insecticide (PDF 54KB)
Rentokil Cockroach Gel 5 gm Pack (PDF 41KB)
Rentokil Fenitrothion 1000 Insecticide (PDF 70KB)
Rentokil Fly Papers (PDF 37KB)
Rentokil Fly Trap Attractant Bait Sachets (PDF 38KB)
Rentokil IGR 300 Grain Protectant (PDF 55KB)
Rentokil IGR Grain Protectant (PDF 46KB)
Rentokil Labryinth Termite Bait (PDF 161KB)
Rentokil Pyrethrum Spray No 1 (PDF 43KB)
Rentokil Termite and Spider Treatment (PDF 59KB)
Rentokil Wasp Eliminator Insecticide (PDF 46KB)
Sentricon AG Termite Bait (PDF 47KB)
Sentricon IG Termite Bait Expiry (PDF 47KB)
Silvalure Stegobium (PDF 23KB)
Starycide IGR (PDF 35KB)
Tempo Residual Insecticide (PDF 42KB)
Temprid (PDF 40KB)
Termidor Dust Termiticide  WM (PDF 98KB)
Termidor Residual Termiticide (PDF 83KB)
Termitafoam (PDF 73KB)
Term-seal (PDF 68KB)
Trithor Termite Protection (88KB)
Wasp Attractant (PDF 105KB)
Wasp Freeze (PDF 58KB)

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