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Letters of Declaration

Letters of Declaration have superseded the previous AQIS IOA program and approval process for meat export establishments. Please see below Letters of Declaration for chemicals used by Rentokil Pest Control at all Registered Meat Export Establishments. All Letters Of Declaration are open ended and do not expire unless changes are made to the product label. Rentokil cannot issue a Letters Of Declaration to any NON Registered Meat Export establishment.

Advance-Kill Blocks (PDF 77KB)
Advion Ant Gel (PDF 239KB)
Advion CR Gel (PDF 235KB)
Aerothor Aerosol (PDF 1.38MB)
Arilon (PDF 230KB)
Attrathor Targeted Insecticide (PDF KB)
Biflex AquaMax (PDF 80KB)
Biforce 100sc Termicide and Insecticide (PDF 903KB)
Brodifacoum Paste (PDF 76KB)
Blattathor CR Gel Ultra (PDF 611KB)
Bromakil Grain Bait (PDF 77KB)
Bromakil Blocks - Rentokil (PDF 77KB)
Bromard Paste - Rentokil (PDF 76KB)
Bromakil P Pellets - Rentokil (PDF 75KB)
Chaindrite 2 (PDF 171KB)
Chaindrite Crawling Insect (PDF 835KB)
Cisnil Ultra Fast Shot (PDF 33KB)
Contrac All Weather Blox (PDF 83KB)
Contrac Rat and Mouse Bait (PDF 96KB)
Coopex Dust (PDF 34KB)
Detex (PDF 22KB)
Ditrac Blox (PDF 287KB)
Ficam W (PDF 35KB)
Generation First Strike (PDF 66KB)
Goliath CR Gel (PDF 217KB)
Imiforce 200SC (PDF 592KB)
Insectigas D (PDF 270KB)
Intice Ant Gel Bait (PDF 287KB)
Maki Blocks (PDF 392KB)
Maldison 500 (PDF 983KB)
Maxforce GB Granular Ant Bait (PDF 34KB)
Maxforce Gold CR Gel (PDF 35KB)
Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait (PDF 35KB)
Maxforce Quantum Liquid And Bait (PDF 34.9KB)
Maxxthor 100 - Rentokil (PDF 697KB)
Permethor Dust (PDF 1.14MB)
Pestigas (PDF 266KB)
Premise 200 SC Termiticide (PDF 39KB)
Prothor 200 SC Termiticide (PDF 619KB)
Py Fog (PDF 701KB)
Py Spray (PDF 140KB)
Racumin Blocks (PDF 34KB)
Racumin Paste (PDF 33KB)
Racumin Tracking Powder (PDF 34KB)
Rampage Packs (PDF 276KB)
Rampage Rat and Mouse Bait (PDF 272KB)
Sorexa Pro Gel (PDF 216KB)
Starycide IGR (PDF 35KB)
Storm Secure Wax Blocks (PDF 563KB)
Super Rat Drink - Rentokil (PDF 76KB)
Talon (PDF 190KB)
Temprid (PDF 36KB)
Tempo 25 SC (PDF 36KB)
Termidor (PDF 254 KB)

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