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Product Label

All Service Treatments provided by Rentokil Pest Control are carried out to the manufacturers label requirements. The label requirements are not the Products Safety Information, this information should be sourced from the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) pages.

Active Air Aerosol (PDF 625KB)
Advanced-Kil Blocks (PDF 524KB)
Advion Ant Gel (PDF 1.6MB)
Advion CR Gel (PDF 940KB)
Aerothor Aerosol (PDF 188KB)
Agita 100 Fly Paint (PDF 562KB)
Aldi Bunny Bait (PDF 198KB)
Alphachloralose - Rentokil (PDF 17KB)
Amdro Ant Bait (PDF 51KB)
Ant Bait Hymenopthor (PDF 258KB)
Antout (PDF 120KB)
Arilon (PDF 48KB)
Attrathor Targeted Insecticide (PDF 915KB)
Avert CR Gel (PDF 28KB)
Barmac Dust (PDF 36KB)
Battleaxe Aerosol (PDF 18KB)
Biflex Aquamax (PDF 338KB)
Biflex Ultra-Lo-Odour (PDF 73KB)
Biforce 100sc Termicide and Insecticide (PDF 163KB)
Bio-Plus (PDF 185KB)
Blattathor CR Gel Ultra (PDF 92KB)
Brigade Granular Insecticide (PDF 332KB)
Brodifacoum Paste - Rentokil (PDF 94KB)
Bromakil Blocks - Rentokil (PDF 80KB)
Bromard Paste - Rentokil (PDF 67KB)
Chaindrite Crawling Insects (PDF 15KB)
Chaindrite 2 (PDF 164KB)
Chill Wasp (PDF 177KB)
Cislin 25 (PDF 1.65MB)
Cislin Ultra Fast-Shot Label (PDF 300KB)
Clear Up Bio 360 (PDF 3431KB)
Combat Ant Bait (PDF 1.06MB)
Contrac Blox (PDF 3.22MB)
Coopex Dust (PDF 31.4KB)
Cyperthor Label (PDF 157KB)
Deltathor Label (PDF 105KB)
Deltathor Plus Label (PDF 163KB)
Ditrac Blocks (PDF 2.41MB)
Detex Blox (PDF 177KB)
Dominion 200SC Label (PDF 104KB)
Drax Label (PDF 621KB)
Exterm-an-ant (PDF 69KB)
Ficam W (PDF 65KB)
Focus Label (PDF 84KB)
Generation First Strike (PDF 1520KB)
Imiforce 200SC (PDF 49KB)
Goliath CR Gel (PDF 70KB)
Insectigas D (PDF 46 KB)
Inskill Pyrethrin 5 Ltr (PDF 32KB)
Intice Ant Gel Label (PDF 108KB)
Isopthor Aqua H2OLabel (PDF 108KB
Isopthor EC Label (PDF 22KB)
Jumbo Fly Bait (PDF 354 KB)
Kamba M (PDF 355KB)
Maki Blocks (PDF 357KB)
Maldison 500 (PDF 371KB)
Maxforce CR Gel (PDF 426KB)
Maxforce GB Granular Ant Bait (PDF 229KB)
Maxforce Gold CR Gel (PDF 34KB)
Maxforce Granular Insect Bait (PDF 425KB)
Maxforce Prime Cockroach Gel Label (PDF 53KB)
Maxforce Quantum Ant Bait Label (PDF 100KB)
Maxforce Quantum Liquid And Bait (PDF 99.3KB)
Maxforce White CR Gel (PDF 185KB)
Maxxthor 100 (PDF 120KB)
Maxxthor 100 Leaflet (PDF 202KB)
Mesurol Snail-Slug Bait (PDF 85KB)
Non Tox Paste Rentokil (PDF 36KB)
Opigard Ant Gel Bait (PDF 201KB)
PCT First Formula Blocks (PDF 160KB)
Perigen Defence (PDF425KB)
Permethor Dust (PDF95KB)
Pestigas (PDF 138KB)
Phantom (PDF 45KB)
Premise Foam Insecticide (PDF 135KB)
Premise 200 SC Termiticide (PDF 136 KB)
Prolan 500 Herbicide (PDF 400KB)
Prothor 200 SC (PDF 789)
Prothor3L Py Fog (PDF 31KB)
PY Fog (PDF 31KB)
Py Spray (PDF 54KB)
PyGanic (PDF 57KB)
Pymatic Canister (PDF 29KB)
Quickbayt Fly Bait (PDF 411KB)
Rabbait (PDF 120KB)
Racumin 8 Rat+Mouse Rodenticide (PDF 80KB)
Racumin Block (PDF 200KB)
Racumin Paste (PDF 65KB)
RADAR Co2 Canisters (PDF 30KB)
Rampage Packs (PDF 4000KB)
Rampage Rat and Mouse Bait (PDF 404KB)
Rentokil Borer Insecticide (PDF 209KB)
Rentokil Bromakil Pellets (PDF 114KB)
Rentokil Ladryinth Termite Bait (PDF120KB)
Rentokil Methylbromide 1000 Label (PDF 142KB)
Rentokil Methylbromide 980 Label (PDF 140KB)
Rentokil Pyrethrum Spray No.1 (PDF 20KB)
Requiem Termite Bait (PDF 37KB)
Reslin ULV Insecticide (PDF 29KB)
Robocan (PDF 307KB)
Roundup (Glysophate) (PDF 411KB)
Roundup Bioactive (PDF 411KB)
Sentricon AG Termite Bait(PDF 390KB)
Sentricon IG Termite Bait(PDF 20KB)
Sorexa Blocks (PDF 818KB)
Sorexa Pro Paste (PDF 334KB)
Starycide IGR (PDF 432KB)
Steri 7 XTRA (PDF 414KB)
Steri 7 XTRA Concentrate (PDF 551KB)
Storm Blocks Wax (PDF 46KB)
Super Rat Drink Rentokil (PDF 27KB)
Talon Label Fence (PDF 703KB)
Talon Pellets Label (PDF 25KB)
Talon Wax Blocks Label (PDF 154KB)
Tempo (PDF 25KB)
Termidor Dust (PDF 241KB)
Termidor Residual Ants (PDF 105KB)
Termidor Residual Termicide (PDF 105KB)
Termitafoam (PDF 31KB)
Temprid (PDF 63KB)
Term Seal (PDF 85KB)
Trithor Termite Protection (PDF 693KB)
Vectobac Label (PDF 65KB)

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