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Termite InvasionI really like Mark, our termite guy. Now before I get a concerned call from the HR department of Rentokil, please let me clarify.

When we moved back to Sydney after ten years in London, we put every pound and every dollar we ever earned into our new home (as well as all the debt we could muster). Every bit of our home represents years of hard work and the only asset we are likely to pass on to our four children (aside from my original Millennium Falcon space ship  – Star Wars fans will understand its value).

So when we were told the results of our termite inspection, you might as well have told me our home was on fire. I could see its strength and value diminishing before my eyes and it scared me.

And then Mark showed up within half an hour of my emergency call to Rentokil. I had read Rentokil’s website – I knew the corporate spiel and I was braced for a slick and clinical exposition of termite treatments. I was expecting a sell-job.

Instead, I got the termite control equivalent of a hug, a warm cup of Milo and a Kingston biscuit. I got exactly what I needed – the calming reassurance of a local expert; and the potential for a long term partnership in termite control and future termite prevention. After Mark’s explanation of how “we” were going to take control “our” termite problem (no longer just “my” termite problem), I was finally able to look at my termite-infested retaining wall without stressing, without itching and without fear.

Blog written by Shankari Chandran, a parenting blogger based in Sydney. You can visit Shankari’s blog here: http://duckformation.wordpress.com

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