Bugs Are The Ultimate Sustainable Food Source


Seafood platterBugs are a great source of protein, are low in fat and chemical free. It’s kinder on our planet too – farming a pound of caterpillar uses a tenth of the resource than a pound of beef. Sometimes prawns are referred to as sea fleas and crabs look a bit like spiders. Cockroaches and shrimp are distant relatives, both hailing from the phylum Arthropoda family. Sea roaches look similar to cockroaches and are eaten in America and the Caribbean. Many would consider that the Moreton Bay bugs pictured here look sumptuous. Could eating bugs be the answer to finding an environmentally friendly source of protein?

There are 1,700 insects that are edible. In Laos over 95% of the population consumes insects in one form or another. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation has been working with the locals in Laos on a project to farm insects to create food security.


In Camodia the locals eat tarantula which is deep fried. This BBC journalist is a little weary, claiming that he thinks he saw it move on the plate, but tucks in sceptically.

In this era of environmental consiousness maybe we’ll draw some inspiration from living off what the land provides, just like the Aborigines.

Coptotermes - the Super Termite
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