I really like Mark, our termite guy. Now before I get a concerned call from the HR department of Rentokil, please let me clarify. When we moved back to Sydney after ten years in London, we put every pound...
It’s only a matter of time before scientists discover that processed ham will kill you. Somewhere in a small university laboratory, there is a scientist completing a study on the effects of long-term processed ham abuse. Any day now...
Our family is about to embark on what is potentially a costly and invasive termite-control process. A simple internet search of “Pest Control Sydney” reveals hundreds of pest control companies, with nothing but their own marketing spin to enlighten...
Lately the children and I have been itching a lot. No, we don’t have lice (although I have checked all of us repeatedly). Nor do we have fleas which was my initial concern (Don’t ask, I’ve always had a...



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