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Infection control services

An outbreak of an infectious virus often occurs in crowded places such as places of work, shops, schools, hospitals and care homes. It can happen at any time, so ensuring continuous high hygiene standards that prevent the spread of infection has never been more important.

Infectious diseases, such as Coronavirus and norovirus, pose serious threats to the health of staff, students, family members and others because they can be spread via bodily fluids, needles and sharps or even from raw sewage.

Listed below are the most commonly spread diseases:

  • Coronavirus
  • Legionnaires' disease
  • E. coli
  • C. difficile
  • Swine flu
  • MRSA
  • Norovirus

Our aim is to protect people from harmful pathogens in any environment, which is why it’s crucial to respond immediately to prevent the spread and contain the outbreak.

As the global leader in infection control, Rentokil is continually analysing the chemicals and methods used to help prevent an outbreak of a contagious disease.

Our disinfection services tackle any difficult and hazardous cleaning problems safely, legally and discreetly. Our specialist disinfection services include approved fogging disinfection solutions for complete reassurance as hard-to-reach and large spaces can be treated quickly, safely and efficiently.

What is fogging cleaning?

By using our comprehensive deep-cleaning methods and innovative fogging technology, disinfection and cleaning is completed with minimal disruption.

  • Fogging produces micro-droplets of disinfectant and biocides that float in the air for approximately 10 minutes after application.
  • Dispersing these micro-droplets into the air means the solution is able to reach areas that could not otherwise be reached by conventional cleaning methods.
  • Studies show application by aerosol significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens, treating the surface and the air and killing these pathogens.

Fogging disinfection ensures that an affected environment is not only left clean but smells clean, too. After using a disinfection fog, we apply a scented residual fog to the area that eliminates bad odours and leaves a fresh scent that lasts between 24 and 48 hours.

Why Rentokil specialist disinfection services

With over 90 years’ experience, Rentokil is the global leader in pest management and mitigating the risk of contamination from pests. We bring expert, reliable and professional pest management services to commercial and residential customers in over 80 countries worldwide. Our heritage of science and innovation began in 1925 and continues to put Rentokil at the forefront of world-leading capabilities that protect people and enhances lives – protecting public health, the environment and businesses from pest infestations and related illnesses.



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