Rentokil launches myRentokil

Rentokil is the market leader in the global pest control field, and this is especially evident when it comes to online pest management. We launched their first paperless, online pest management system - PestNetOnline - back in 2005, and it was the first system which allowed customers to store, manage and monitor all of their pest management data online, in real time, and on any day of the week.

myRentokil is the result of years of customer feedback and usage data; a new look version of PestNetOnline with added functionality and a vastly improved user experience. It is easy to use on both computer and mobile device, and delivers real-time information; facilitating a proactive approach to pest prevention and control. Existing PestNetOnline High Dependency and Professional customers are being encouraged to migrate to myRentokil from May and all other customers will have access to myRentokil LITE in the coming months.

Safe, secure data

During the initial installation of myRentokil, barcodes are set up on site by Rentokil pest control specialists, and their details entered into a handheld computer. All details of pest activity and pest prevention recommendations are entered against the bar code locations during each service visit.

Before Rentokil specialists leave the site for the first time, customers are in receipt of secure, password protected access to all their pest control data.

Key features of myRentokil

  • 24/7 information access: as an online tool, customers can gain access from wherever they are on a range of devices, from laptop to mobile
  • Pest prevention recommendations with priority status, allowing customers to focus on the key areas
  • Trend analysis of pest activity including reports to support legislative reporting and auditing requirements, and allowing potential risks to be anticipated and preventive measures taken
  • Customised user reporting with the ability to schedule reports as required
  • Document download facility; relevant online documentation can be securely downloaded when required
  • Knowledge and control at the click of a button
  • Analysis of recommendations by status added ability to enter notes, print and export data to your inbox

myRentokil has been designed to increase the quality, visibility and integrity of a customer’s pest control protection, whilst at the same time saving time and money and providing greater peace of mind than ever before.

To talk to Rentokil about upgrading your pest control service to myRentokil.