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Year round protection

The ultimate protection for your home.

The Rentokil Year Round Protection Plan (YRP) offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is protected against pests–and the promise that we’ll handle any concerns whenever and as often as they arise.

The YRP gives you regular scheduled services by a trained technician that include:

  • Protection for up to 35 common household pests
  • 3 service calls per year including an Annual Termite Inspection
  • Unlimited service calls between services
  • Recommendations to pest-proof your home

Year round protection plan – PLUS!

For complete peace of mind, the Year Round Protection Plan – Plus gives the complete, ongoing pest protection of the Year Round Protection Plan plus In Ground Termite Monitoring. Monitoring stations are installed during your first YRP Plus service and monitored at each of the regularly scheduled services when your Rentokil Expert will also protect your home for up to 35 different pests.

YRP Plus is included in any In-Ground termite monitoring program.

What’s covered by my YRP?

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